About Me!I advise and solve complex data issues to enable financial institutions and startups to unlock their data potential and better risk manage its global credit exposures.I am an expert in cutting through systems and technologies and rebuilding the data in a way that bankers and risk managers can use to make better decisions, saving the bank millions by avoiding costly projects.I enjoy sharing my views on social media, in the cross-section between data, risk and career!

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After travelling across Europe speaking at Credit Risk conferences, I quickly realised that the data problems I faced at my job were not unique. Everyone needs help with data, especially in large organisations!

 This experience prompted me to write a book - Is It Pronounced Data or Data - and to start an online presence and, now, to share this guide! 

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My new book is out now! 

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Why large organisations do not get data?

This book explores the key reasons why using accessible and visual solutions to complex management problems. 

It also demystifies the tech jargon by providing easy-to-understand definitions and references: have you ever wondered what the difference is between a quant, a strat and a “data guy” 🤓?

But wait, there’s more! Amidst serious topics, I’ve sprinkled a healthy dose of data jokes and puns to add humour and lighten the read. A classic example is “What’s a data analyst’s favourite type of cake? Pi!”! 😄📖

Be prepared for some controversial ideas 💣! The book challenges conventional thinking and sheds light on the misalignment of incentives within companies. It uncovers how internal functions often operate with conflicting motivations, resulting in sub-optimal or even harmful solutions. 💥

If you’re curious about the world of data and its challenges within large organisations, this book is a must-read. Get your copy today on Amazon and join the conversation! 📚💬

I also wrote a data science children's book!

Buy it on Amazon or visit its website: www.littledatascientist.co.uk 

Some interesting talks and interviews!

Recognizing Patterns and Connecting The Dots in Risk ManagementListen to this episode from Tech Leaders Intel on Spotify. This week on the Tech Leaders Intel podcast, host John Cheng sits down with Daniele Forni, Director of Credit and Lending at HSBC. Daniele is an author and subject matter expert on risk management who creates analytical solutions for a living, but he’s quite the polymath as well. The first few minutes of the conversation reveal that Daniele formed a band that he recorded albums with, moved to China to study Chinese, and earned his MBA in Economics before settling down to work with HSBC, first in regulatory reporting and then in his current area of expertise. He is truly passionate about understanding how financial institutions leverage data and how different systems connect.Daniele credits his diverse set of interests and enthusiasm for risk analysis to his mid-life diagnosis with autism and ADHD, which has driven his life-long ability to recognize patterns and connect dots. All of which means that Daniele is always on the hunt for ways to optimize risk management. Together with John they cover a lot of ground, including:The crucial differences between building solutions for private clients and businessesHow understanding data quality impacts hiring for in-demand skillsets in dataHow his autism/ADHD diagnoses helped him understand the importance of neurodiversity at workHow neurodiversity advocacy has helped him mentor new hiresHis take on the idea that “data is never wrong”…and of course, much much more. It is an enlightening listen, and Daniele also gives us a preview of his book on data strategy “Is It Pronounced Data or Data?” That’s available via his official website, and you can also follow him on LinkedIn.